How is iPhone App Development a Different Ball Game Altogether

Apple iPhone 5 is truly a splendid smartphone. However, it is almost the same smartphone as its earlier model iPhone 4S. This model is thinner and comes with a faster processor. It comes with A6 chip processor. On the other hand, iPhone 4S has a dual core A5 chip processor. The new chip of Apple is up to two times faster and this would provide faster downloading, uploading, loading of website, application and attachment. A5 chip also boosts the graphic power and this in turn leads to overall faster performance. Overall, Apple iPhone 5 is little better in comparison to iPhone 4S. It has a large front screen and thinner body. The best thing about iPhones is that they have always been able to fit comfortably into the hands. Also, they could be used with one hand. The iPhone 5 can fit snuggly in your hands. This phone is very light with 112 grams weight. The screen size of this phone is 123.8mm and it boasts 1136 x 640 pixels. In comparison to iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 has a larger 4� screen. If you want to have amazing gaming experience, then it is a perfect phone for you. The large screen of this phone would provide you great gaming experience. The 8 megapixels camera of iPhone would let you take crystal clear images. The great feature of its camera is the ability to shoot stills even when recording full high-definition videos. This is an extraordinary feature of this phone and current it is not even available in all DSLRs. The front facing camera of this phone boasts 1.2 megapixels with 30 fps continuous shooting speeds. The call quality of the phone is wonderful with 3 microphones it makes it easy for you to have clear conversation even in windy environment or in a busy street. Due to this the number of call drops have great reduced. The phone features a non removable battery – Li-PO 1440 mAh with a talk time of up to 8 hours.the standby time offered by iPhone 5 is up to 225 hours i.e. 9 days and 9 hours and that is pretty amazing. The iPhone 5 price in Dubai is slightly higher in comparison to iphone 4s in price in Dubai. The latest iPhone 5 price in Dubai is around AED 2599. On the other hand, iPhone 4s in price in Dubai is AED 2049. considering the features and iPhone 5 price in Dubai, it is a great phone to invest your money in.

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