Features and Specification of Apple iPhone 5

With enterprise mobility becoming all pervasive and gaining popularity than ever before, businesses completely bank on with having their workforce completely armed with mobile devices. Mobility has not only benefitted and changed the way consumers manage their lives but also transformed the way businesses are done. It has empowered the workforce by providing them the convenience and flexibility to work, even when out of office. This has resulted in increased productivity and greater efficiency.Businesses today are not just looking for ways to work harder but smarter too. Therefore, various business functions be it IT, operations, finance, marketing, HR etc. are resorting to the power of mobility.Let’s us look at the key business functions of an organization and how mobility is empowers them.SalesNow clients don’t have to bear the burden and go through the frustration of traveling with bulky laptops or be concerned about the internet connection. With the ever expanding world of mobile apps, sales reps now have the accessibility of company data and resource on their mobile devices. Now they have sales tool kit with up to date pricing, facts and figures, customer feedback, presentations, brochures, marketing videos and much more just a button away. With an access to secured real- time information, the sales process moves faster and the field sales staff can now close the deals sooner than before, improving their efficiency.  OperationsMobile technology has made operations for any organization, richer and much more streamlined. The multi- functional devices have now simplified the manual and complex functions like like barcode scanning, image capture, signature etc. With fewer devices to purchase and maintain, operational costs automatically comes down. This also reduces the burden on the IT stuff which enables them to focus on different tasks and leads to increased productivity.Human ResourcesOrganizations today are using mobile apps to recruit employees more than anything else. Anytime-anywhere access is also revolutionizing the HR. There are multitude of mobile solutions currently available in the market are focused on hiring and managing talent. Employees can now view /fill their timesheets, manage their leaves or travel, review appraisals or simply request time offs.Mobilizing HR minimizes the time consumption for the employees and speeds up the process. With great user experience, the entire process gets completed sooner.FinanceFinance personnel play a very important part in the organization - that of managing its money. The entire profit and loss (P&L) statement is managed by this team, along with the company’s balance sheet, the reconciliation of the sales figures, the gross margin calculations, sales and other management bonus payouts, and the overall profitability of the organization. The enterprise systems and software supporting financial functions are usually complex, with a number of integrations and user interfaces that are generally designed for functionality, rather than aesthetics and user - friendliness. The reports generated are also more tabular and utilitarian than graphical. Also, since the data stored in and accessed by these systems is sensitive and confidential, they are generally not available online. This means every month - end, quarter - end, and year - end means the finance teams spend long days and sometimes even nights in the office. Mobility has been a boon to these beleaguered finance guys. With secure access over their smart devices, an intuitive interface, and great graphical report with drilldown capabilities, the mobile finance management systems are very well received. They provide the much needed freedom and flexibility.

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