Upcoming Trends in the US Mobile Apps Industry

Earlier it was very difficult for a company's IT section to impart enterprise apps to the employees who were working remotely on their own devices. Gone are the days, when IT section had full control over company owned devices and tools. The BYOD concept has added woes for IT admin in terms of rendering protection to corporate network and information scattered in the server. Hence, it is important to adopt a flexible and transparent solution. EAS or Enterprise Apps Store can serve in a similar situation and help enterprises in sorting network related issues. A report released by Garner recently predicted that more than 25 percent businesses would have their own app store by 2017.The biggest point with EAS is that they cannot be hosted on any public platform, as they are not apposite for business related needs. 1. The IT section should make sure that none of the enterprise apps is accessible beyond corporate boundaries. 2. These apps are much ahead in terms of cost and complexity than the apps available for just 99 cents. Thus, IT section needs to provide a high level of security. 3. External and internal intruders, both present an equal threat. Thus, internal privacy is as important as the external security. Hence, filtering should be based on department basis.4. Further, IT personnel should embed intelligence to restrict the use of apps, whose license has expired or conflicted. These solutions are only possible, if a corporate has its own enterprise app store as it provides additional security to the improved accessibility. Let us review few numerous benefits of an enterprise app store for a business. 1. Improved control – I mentioned above that filtering should be based on department basis. However, the employee's role could also be a filtering option. By this, IT section provides enhanced internal security provided for the data stored on the servers.2. Secure passage to the outer world – EAS act as a proxy to the public apps store. Thus, by using an enterprise app store, a business can ensure that the downloaded apps are safe and malware free.3. Feedbacks and opinions – The habits and trends followed by users while they are accessing the EAS, can be tracked and used to study, what they want in an EAS. 4. Lesser human involvement required – Centralized execution and automatic system allow users to find and download apps automatically. This makes sure that no or very less human intervention is needed while accessing the EAS.However, we all know that every coin has two sides and EAS is no exception. Few issues are still bothering the business owners from adopting EAS. Copper Mobile and other app development companies are busy looking for solutions to tackle the following issues, which have made businesses stay away from EAS.1. The biggest problem is that the IT section has to manage both transactional and persistent data on BYOD devices. 2. Another obstruction is that an EAS has to support multiple operating systems and apps coming from various channels. It becomes challenging in integrating and providing unified experience.3. Another major problem with adoption of EAS is the license agreement. No company having a global footprint can have all apps with a common license. This is a very crucial point, as ensuring license compliance across the globe is very important. Anyways, ideas and imagination have wings and they can touch any level to create something better out of nothing and take us to new heights of innovations. At Copper Mobile, app developers work with the same attitude to achieve success in making apps that rule over the stores across the world.

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