Key Aspects of Mobile Application Testing

From emerging popular apps like Vine, to other immensely successfully mobile offerings, such as Skype and Apple's FaceTime, video-based apps will undoubtedly be apart of the next wave of mobile apps that appear in the future. So, whether you are looking to create an app that mirrors one of the previously mention mobile offerings, or perhaps have an entirely original video-based idea, there are definitely things that you should keep in mind while doing so. To help you better develop your video-based mobile app, here are four main examples of what it should feature.Compatibility The hardest part about creating a video-based mobile app is ensuring compatibility regardless of a user’s Internet connection, or mobile device, among other variables involved. Compatibility can be especially sensitive for video-based apps that focus on video chatting, such as those similar to Skype or FaveTime. In such a case, it can be difficult for your mobile app to do much except try to pick up the slack where one of its user's Internet connection slacks. In other words, to ensue compatibility, your app should do all it can to make sure both parties trying to video chat have at least decent video and audio displays. Tutorials Tutorials are a great way to reach out to those mobile app users that are unfamiliar with most advanced forms of technology. Video features on a mobile app are often the most advanced and easiest for novice users to get frustrated by. For such reason, you should provide accurate and detailed tutorials that aim to simplify some of your app's most complex video-based features. If you can do so, your users will surely appreciate the gesture and your customer service department will likely save a lot of time and money with less traffic coming through.A Way To Connect With Friends Assuming that your video-based mobile app revolves around its users interacting with each other, providing a way for them to connect is essential. Regardless of whether your video-based app is a social network, or a video chatting service, its users will surely want to connect with friends they have accumulated on other apps and social networks. This also goes for friends and family that they are unable to communicate with in- person. Because of such, it is your app's job to allow them to do so while utilizing the app’s function. Privacy In this modern age of widespread technology, privacy is a major concern for many mobile device users. Because video-based apps can create a good amount of vulnerability for mobile device users, privacy should be an upmost concern for your mobile enterprise. If you ensure user privacy, by safeguarding their accounts and data, then you will be on your way to providing a secure and fun video-based atmosphere for users to take advantage of. Conclusion Using the previously mentioned four features that every video-based mobile app should have, you can not only increase the number of people that use your service, but you can provide them with a better experience whiling doing so. It should be your goal to reach out to such users through things like improved privacy features, simple ways to connect with friends, simplified compatibility and in-depth tutorials. Using such tools, your users will be able to enjoy your app to its fullest potential without having to look for a better alternative.

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