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Hottest Works In New York City This Week, Leading Galleries And Museums To See For Yourself Still clueless where to bring your special someone for a great surprise this week? Or say you're just clamouring for a different, and worthwhile activity to get yourself occupied with? Permit this to list about 4 art fairs you can travel to in New york city this week, help you out. First, Cutlog at 107 Suffolks St. This art gallery is initially from Paris. It is held there during the last five years. And for the first-time, it comes to New york city. It’s usually one art feast brought by 45 galleries of fresh artists. The place is a past public school found at the Lower East Side so it will be pretty simple to find. Cutlog, by the way, has launched May 9 and it is set to last up until the 13th.  Moving on, here’s where to go if you'd like paintings in New York in an art display with a more intimate feel. The Seven Art Fair, that's in its second season, features seven art galleries, which is focused on a single artist. You can no doubt spend some time exploring the artworks on display and talk with the people behind them. Another great thing about this exhibit is that it is going to be open right until June 10. You don't need to rush. For a month, it's going to be rocking 191 North 14th St, Brooklyn.  This one, meanwhile, is highly great for those into aiding new artists. Non-profit NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) takes the spotlight once again to growing artists. More than 70 galleries taken part in the big event which is situated at the basketball courts of Basketball City. Where is this fun at? It’s at 299 South Street New York. Visit right now. Finally, and another art extravaganza that you simply definitely will be proud to have taken part is Pulse. Why? This contemporary-art focused exhibit features both emerging and recognized art galleries. Among the event’s highlights is the Pulse prize, that is certainly given to 1 promising artist, and is set to assist that lucky one jumpstart profession.  You can take pride stating you’ve met that artist way before. Evidence is you have in hand new york paintings for sale once, that is among his first works of art. Pulse shall be held until May 12 only if you have plenty of time, visit it at 125 W 18th St, New York. Don’t trouble yourself though in case you can't make it on any of the occasions above. 

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