Mobile Apps – The Present and Future of Enterprises

Inmany official government and non government departments, specialarchive desks and stores are used for the purpose to keep the all thedata stored for further availability and as a record of history. Inpaper format documents could vary in terms of their use such asorganizational documents, governmental data, legal documents,official records of student’s transcripts and many others. Samevarieties are used in electronic documents also. But in electronicterms it is very difficult to have a proper record of all valuabledata by ensuring its integrity and safety as well. For that purposepeople have tried to develop many solutions by using the moderntechnology. After working so hard from many years to find anappropriate solution technologists have been succeeded to develop aprotocol named by LTAP. It is the abbreviation of Long Term ArchiveProtocol. Ithas the specification of conserving the valuable digitally signeddocuments safely for as much time as you need. It ensures that theall the desired data could be stored with possible integrity of itand also could be retrieved whenever it is needed. By conserving thedigital documents we mean different ways of conservation either itcould be of having the existence of a document for a specific timeperiod and than its destruction or it could be the existence of adocument with completeness of it and by also ensuring theauthenticity and integrity and accessibility of it. This protocol isoffered by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) and use to workwith the helping role of TAA (Trusted Archive Authority). PKI’sresponsibility is to ensure the trusted signature provision for theelectronic documents in way through which the document could be ableto have the non-repudiation and legality while the responsibility ofTAA is different. It works to ensure that the provided data issecured, its existence is legal at the existing point where it isneeded and its integrity and authenticity is as much valid as itscompleteness and after that here comes the LTAP which works toprovide long term assurance of preserving specific valuable data. Thisprotocol service is able to accept various types of data such as inraw form or it could be digitally signed, encrypted or time-stampedelectronic documents and it is also helpful in the providence oftransferring such archived data over the servers. Under its basicservices this protocol is helpful in the storage, conservation andretrieving of any electronic data but in its advanced features it isnow being able to help assuring the confidentiality of any data ordocument.Bythe usage of LTAP any type of file either it is “Word, Excel, PDFor Zip” format, it can be stored with high integrity andconfidentiality under the existing determined policies.

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