What kind Of Shopping Cart Does Your App Use?

A lite version of an app is the most basic form of such a mobile offering. It is typically offered for free, but is also used to entice users to buy more advanced versions of the app, usually priced at varying amounts of money. Such sales strategy is an effective method of providing users with a free glimpse of what your mobile offerings are capable of, with the expectation that they will download a more advanced, paid version of your app. In case you have not thought of using a lite version for one of your apps, here are a few reasons why you may want to do so.Allows Users To Sneak A PeakPerhaps the most effective reason for offering a lite app is the ability give users a peak into what the app is all about and can offer them in more advanced versions. In this way, the lite version of your app may also entice them to buy the more advanced versions. To better illustrate the concept of a lite app, lets say you have an app that allows users to compose and share various documents via email, or through Google Drive. For instance, with your most basic app, the lite version, you could allow users to work only with word processing documents — composing and sharing them. As a way to entice users to upgrade, you could offer the app for free, but charge for the more advanced versions. Additionally, you could have at least two more advanced apps offered at increasing prices. For example, the first paid app could allow users to work with spreadsheets, as well as word processing documents. For the app you could charge, say, $2.99. Then, as your top app, you could offer the ability to work with documents of all formats, not just spreadsheets and word processing. For this app you could charge somewhere around $4.99. Hopefully, you get the idea and it sparks a bit of creativity of your own when crafting a series of apps. This is just one example of how to set up a series of apps ascending from the basic lite version. You can price them how you see fit, and arrange their capabilities to suit your business and its customers. Allows Your Company To Offer Both Paid And Free AppsAnother great thing about a lite app is the option for your company to offer both paid and free apps. Doing so, allows users unwilling to pay for the app to still use it. Also, those users that are willing to pay can preview their purchase with the lite version as well. The difference between the two versions, besides capabilities, would likely be the appearance of featured ads on the lite version, and none on the paid version. Featuring ads on the lite version allows you to still make revenue off of the app, even when users are not paying for it. Conclusion Implementing a lite version is not for every app, however, it can still serve as a beneficial sales strategy for your app. By enticing users with a lite version, you will give them the opportunity to sample the app's most basic abilities with the promise of furthered capabilities in paid versions of the app. If the user likes the potential of your app, they will be more likely to pay for advanced versions. 

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