How to get smart with smart cards?

As you have likely noticed, many companies are shifting the focus on their web content from full websites to mobile websites and apps. Such companies feature ads on their own websites soliciting, and subsequently directing visitors to download their mobile app. This, in many ways, is a smart move because they know that the customers are already using and know of their full website, so it can only be beneficial to show them that the company has a mobile app to offer. Then, the customer may just find a cool, new way to associate with the company, consequently improving the relationship and loyalty that customer has with the business. If you are interested in transitioning, or at least publicizing your mobile app or website to customers, here are a few helpful tips. Casually Direct Your Customers Customers hate to be told what to do, but if you casually direct them, or suggest they download your mobile app, then they are more likely to do so. Showing opposed to telling your customers about your app will leave them more open to accepting and frequently using it. An example would be if you were to feature an ad on your full website with a link to where people can download your app for their mobile devices. It is important that you specify which devices your app is compatible with as there is not much of a bigger deterrent to a prospective user than their device not working with an app. If you really want to avoid this sort of issue, you should ensure that your mobile app is offered on all the major app stores, and is subsequently compatible with as many mobile devices as possible. Provide Incentive To Use Your Mobile App There is nothing like a worthwhile incentive to get someone to download your mobile app. It could be anything from a discount on merchandise, or simply innovative and cool new features your app has that others do not. Regardless of which incentives your app offers to prospective users, you should make them known through ads on your various websites, and other online avenues, such as social media. If your users do not know about the incentives they will not be able to take advantage of them, which means your app may not be reaching its full potential in terms of a customer base. If you want to get a large number of people to use your mobile app in an abbreviated amount of time, the best method is to simply entice them with incentives. The more attractive the incentive, the more likely they are to download your app and use it often. Conclusion Transitioning customers from your company’s full website to a mobile website or app is best done gradually. Although, if you wish to transition as many people as you can in a relatively short amount of time, the best way is to use incentives such discounts on merchandise, or merely advertising the awesome features that your app has. There are many ways to entice users to make the transition, regardless of which you decide to go with, be sure to do so in a casual way. The last thing a customer wants is to be told to use your mobile app. Instead, just give them a little nudge, or even better, make them think it was their idea. 

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