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Here’s why Windows 8 mobile apps development is worth for business adoption:Microsoft PullThough Android and iOS are the established front-runners by a long shot, it by no means can be made out as Microsoft losing its edge. It is for a fact that the kind of richness Microsoft business tools exhibit is yet to be matched up even as complex solutions continue getting built around Microsoft offerings. What’s more, Meeker predicts that Windows 8 will have seen over 200 million devices shipped by 2013 end, which simply means a huge chunk of business coming your way.Market expansionTo get down to making the most of Windows 8, the smartphone isn’t just enough. The new Windows 8 comes with abilities to be rendered simultaneously compatible with the smartphone and the tablet. Which in other words means getting to target not one but two different business segments from a single platform.Lack of competition means OpportunitiesWhile Android and Apple iOS are reaching a point of superfluity with 750,000 apps apiece (and counting), Windows 8 is still pretty much at the first base. A whole array of opportunities lies untapped as the major players are still making their way in. This gives you time enough to stake out your mobile app product after getting a good measure of the competition.Sure, Android and iOS may sound inviting enough to chase lucrative markets, but at the same time, the chances of a new app getting to the top often get wasted on dealing existing apps pileups.The Windows 8 market on the other hand complements growth. It presents an opportunity much like what was on offer in the early iOS/ Android days. Sure, you would still need getting it right every step of the way, but success on Windows 8 mobile development comes much easier than either the Android or iOS.But still, you need to be right on the money with your development and monetization strategies, and this is exactly why hiring experienced mobile app developers makes sense.At, SDI we make your mobile strategy work to the best advantage. Small or big, our app developers can work on every business scale to deliver exciting mobile app solutions. Visit us at or email to hear back from us.

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