40 Years Later – The Evolution of Mobility

Mobile apps are basically software programs that can be downloaded and run on your mobile device or tablet. They are designed and built to provide the user with specific facilities or functions across both business and domestic usage. Mobile apps present a new means for B2B brands to reach their potential customers, and communicate with them to enhance marketing communication, information management and customer service. As per the IDC research firm forecast, the number of annual mobile app downloads will reach a staggering 183 billion by 2015. This increase in uptake of mobile apps is due to the fact that more and more business users are increasingly using mobile and tablet devices to access content from app stores. What do B2B mobile apps bring to business?1. Instant & continuous access-The B2B mobile apps represent a dynamic and wider audience for businesses to target and build relationships with. It also means that a company and its audience can have near continuous access to each other, allowing the businesses to tap their customer base. They are apps that help with instant connectivity. It lets them quickly scan and save business cards directly to smartphones without having to go through the tedious contact input.2. Increase in  sales- Customers can instantly visit a company’s website on a mobile device the moment they hear about its products and services, allowing sales to grow, for example there are apps that works with your existing CRM, giving the user lots of pre- sales  database which can be used to close deals3. Track keeping- Business apps keep a track of projects such as expenses, mileage or time from a mobile phone for easy accounting and reimbursement.4. Productivity enhancing- These apps streamline business processes and allow employees to remotely keep a check on the status on their business processes, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency of employeesB2B marketing & PR – Communicating the benefits of your mobile presence1. Effective mobile website- This can get more clicks, generate inquiries and help convert sales leads quicker.2. Be unique- To succeed in the world of mobile apps, you need to make something that is unique, well thought out and should be adding value. Be different from what your competitors produce.3. Be a trendsetter- Staying ahead of the trend and gaining an advantage over competitors means utilizing the latest communication tools to connect with customers and drive growth.Kinds of apps available for B2B marketing & PRThe recent research study showed, B2B apps and mobile web are attracting more investors from UK and USA businesses, with 43% of companies developing a mobile app for their customers and 42% working on for employees. Few popular B2B mobile apps1. Mobile Showcase – One of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of sales team today, is the Mobile showcase. It allows them to carry their product catalogue, demo kits, product documentation and other sales and marketing collaterals in one single interface residing on their smart devices.2. Mobile Dashboards – Having access to relevant information in real-time on the go is an important requirement for executives at senior and middle management layer. It keeps them informed, and helps them take the right decisions. From operational data to inventory details, having a dashboard interface on your smart device goes a long way in improving business and operations efficiency and efficacy.3. Customer support apps – business and IT support provided by partners has a potential for getting poor customer satisfaction rating due to delayed updates and repeated calls. The customer support apps allow users to open requests, report problems, and get updates right from their mobile screens, thus saving time, cost, and a lot of frustration.

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