Storage Shelves, Baskets and Basket Benches Organize Your Kitchen and Pantry

Do you need more storage space in your kitchen? Pantry? Evenif you've got a 1,000 square foot kitchen that was featured in its own specialon television, you're probably still wishing you had a place to put thatautomatic melon ball maker that Aunt Harriet gave you as a housewarming gift.Storage shelves, baskets and basket benches can be an elegant, functional andunique way to add additional storage and organize your kitchen and pantry withstyle and flair.  Storage Shelves with Baskets Shelves for baskets are available in metal, plastic and wood– either unfinished, painted or stained to blend or contrast with yourcupboards or add an accent color.  Wicker,fabric, plastic or wire baskets fit into the shelves like drawers to concealthe items you need to have readily available but want tucked away, out ofsight. Baskets hold utensils, smaller appliances, dish towels, canisters andother kitchen items without the cluttered look of things here and there on thecountertops, limiting your work space. In your pantry, shelves and baskets can helpyou arrange and hide aprons, towels, dish cloths, snacks, and canned food ordry food, making it a pleasure to access your pantry. One advantage of shelving with baskets is that should youneed the contents of the baskets for a picnic or party somewhere else, you caneasily just pull the baskets off the shelves, carry them to the back yard or loadthem into your car and take them with you. If you need extra shelf space anddon’t plan to use the contents of some of the baskets for a time, you can movethe baskets and  utilize the shelf spacefor extra dishes, utensils, baking pans or casserole dishes for house guests, companyor a party or two until it is time to put back the baskets. Basket Benches Basket benches are another great decorative and useful touchfor a kitchen. They are essentially finished wooden bench seats with twoshelves underneath, the bottom shelf being able to hold up to three decorativestorage baskets. These benches can function as table seating, particularly fora breakfast nook, or as a stand-alone seat in a larger or separate kitchen. Basketbenches make a great place to sit down while chopping veggies or preparinglunches, party sandwiches or appetizers. If you have extra wall space or floor space, you mightconsider basket benches for children or grandchildren to sit on while they eat,play or watch television, so you can uninterruptedly get the breakfast, lunchor dinner, or make your shopping or chore lists. Everything from children’s colorand water painting supplies, art and craft items, toys, puzzles, books, etc.,to toaster, mixer, cookbooks, place mats and table decorations can be stored inthe baskets while tall books, large construction paper or poster board piecesas well as cookie sheets, cake pans, casserole dishes, frying pans, sauce pans,soup pots and sundry utensils may be stored on the shelves when you use thebaskets for display in other areas of your home. Parties Have you ever wanted a place to store party items? Onebasket can hold crepe paper, balloons, tape, string and scissors, anotherbasket table decorations, and a third basket paper plates, cups and napkins. Greatparty hostesses list all they have to do to get ready and note how much timeeach item will take. Utensils, favors and place cards can be gathered andorganized in baskets days ahead of the party. It always helps to plan food thatcan be made in advance so you can just heat it up or take it out of therefrigerator or freezer and serve it. Many hostesses decorate their room andset their table the day or night before the party. If you use baskets, when someoneoffers to help you get ready, just hand him or her a basket! The day of theparty, plan enough time to shower, dress, do up your hair and put on yourmake-up. Walk through your house to be sure everything is picked up, and enjoya “no-stress” party. The kitchen is the heart of the home. And much of the timeyou probably need more storage space to keep this area neat and tidy. Storageshelves, baskets and basket benches can help you organize your kitchen and clearthe counters so you have more counter space. Hiding many items in shelves forbaskets will help you keep your kitchen and pantry area organized. And when thedoorbell rings unexpectedly, how wonderful it will be to graciously invite yourguests to sit down in a streamlined, sparkle plenty kitchen for anold-fashioned snack and a chat.

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